Code of Conduct

Conduct in Skil|Sec Spaces


Skil|Sec spaces include any of our meetings, events or workshops. These are inclusive places where all people should feel safe and respected.


We welcome diversity in age, race, ethnicity, national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, education, and political perspective.


We want all who attend to enjoy a safe and respectful environment.


We will not tolerate any form of harassment, hate speech or trolling either off or online, or any overly drunken, intimidating, heckling or violent behavior in our spaces. Harassment can be either verbal, written, behavioral or imagery and includes any racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, sexually inappropriate or religiously discriminatory language, behavior or imagery. “Jokes”, “banter” and “freedom of speech” will not be accepted as justifications or excuse for such language, behavior or imagery. 


If you have any issues or concerns relating to the Code of Conduct please contact one of the organisers either in person or via email.


Skil|Sec Organisers:

Shirin Fahri:

Rosie Anderson:

Saskia Coplans:

Jahmel Harris:

If you have any issues at an event, meeting or workshop please speak to one of the organisers.


Meetings and Events


Skil|Sec meetings and events are sponsored and serve alcohol as well as soft drinks. Overly intoxicated behaviour is frowned upon and may result in you being asked to leave.

Under 18’s are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult. If you want to bring along younger children please let one of the organisers know so we can confirm with the venue. 


Whilst all technical levels are welcome at events we may not have capacity to coach beginners and ask that attendees are respectful of this.


When attending meetings and events please respect the presenters.  Please don’t talk amongst yourselves during their presentations. Please have your phones either muted or switched off and be aware that this is a group activity.


We are guests of the venues that we use, so please be respectful. Don’t tamper with fixtures, hardware, software or infrastructure, or generally take things such as food and drink without permission. 


All Skil|Sec spaces are privately run and we withhold the right to remove and ultimately ban anyone who violates this Code of Conduct.

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